New Media Installation (2003)

Here is the story of the beginning

Knowledge, understood as a conceptual frame where the specialized formulations of the different investigation fields coincide, trend to be seen as the model of Truth and not as partial approaches to it; this despite of the fragmented character of knowledge and its compilatory nature. The spaces of knowledge's definition gather occasionally, coincident or excluding conceptions, what become the references that man appeals to in his desire of going beyond, which somehow feed their beliefs and affiliations.

Tetragrama, works as a confirmatory intersection in an usual operation in popular culture: to look for the conciliatory coincidences and contact points in the different formulations of knowledge (science, religion) as an effort to complete an ideal of truth. From our point of view this operation, generally naive, involves the intuition of knowing that knowledge is one and recurrent; built on the historical experience of human beings as a necessity to understand a reality that overflows them.

As a metaphor Tetragrama uses the mystic of "naming", common to most Cosmogonies, and the conventional scientific operation that uses initials in its formulation (E.g. Those "four letters of the name of God", the initials ATCG, etc.) Through a conceptual operation it proposes art as a possible "articulation" there where the different approaches fracture, in a holistic conception of knowledge.

1- Text built on the base of four sacred ones:

The Koran, the Bambara tradition of the Komo (one of the big schools of initiation of the Mandé in Mali, África) the Rig Veda and the Popol Vuh.

2- Database for the comparison of sequences of DNA, in Internet.

Commentary: The number of effective hits (with the text in English) facing the Database is115 238 643 coincidences, for the four paragraph.