Sound Video Installation (2010)

"The map is not the territory" Alfred Korzybski

Perimeter plays with the notions of measuring, political geography and international standards to explore the idea that geographic limits, as with all conventional limits, are invalid as a means of localization and differentiation amongst human beings. Perimeter alludes to impermanence in order to question socio-political constructs.

I International Caribbean Triennial
Perimeter is a Video Installation made in collaboration with Carlos Estrada and exhibited at the First International Caribbean Triennial in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 2010.

The Triennial is conceived as a unique platform for the empowerment of contemporary art and artists in the Caribbean and Central America.

The ICT/2010 is proposed as a new commitment for a multicultural dialogue. The Triennial proposes a constructive, open, reflective, poetic, transparent, alive, purposeful, fraternal dialogue from and through the imagination, sensitivity and creativity of those vibrant spiritual latitudes.

It focuses especially on artists whose proposals consider the facts that they share an intensive questioning about the multiple elements that make up the complex identities and contemporary social realities, as well as a major concern for the harmful effects resulting from the spiraling degradation of human groups, are inflicting on biodiversity and the environment.