Audio / Installation (2008)

Geography attempts to define "the physical boundaries" of the earth. When a country is geographically defined, the limits of that space are decided using measurements based on predefined constructs of “units” (kilometres, miles etc.), which then become the “exact representation” of reality.

These measures/definitions do not take into account that people living for centuries in the regions being defined did not - and do not - recognize these “political boundaries” as a different country or territory. Within political geography, a fake conventional limit is established separating people, despite the fact that the same limits will change every time that the circumstances for defining a territory and the tools to measure them, change.

With Four Colours I intended to demonstrate that these limits, as with all conventional limits, are invalid as a means of differentiation amongst human beings. Four Colours alludes to impermanence in order to question socio-political constructs.

Exhibition in collaboration with Carlos Estrada at the Teatro Area Stage in Coral Gables, Miami.