Art Science Exhibition (2003)

House exhibition with Carlos Estrada

At the light of the crises between learning and power, man and science and present and futurity, XXI century defines itself as a century of huge changes in knowledge and epistemology. The ethical element conditioned by a collective spirit of surviving and transcendence of our humanity, is what compels us to such transformations.

From this perspective Delito del Cuerpo is a project that have explored three main ideas:
1- Putting in doubt the self sufficiency of instituted knowledge in relation with the notion of body
2- The redefinition of the subject that arises in our epoch based on the new knowledge given by science
3- The use of notions coincived by culture as excluding fields (art, science, religion, mythology, randomness, etc) sharing a same context as a framework that conditions a double metaphor.

The main point of our project is its attempt to reconcile and assure, throught the active participation of the public, the ambivalences of knowledge: contradictions between procedure and goal, essence and appearance and between artistic perception and scientific perception. The artworks presented as neat and untouchable, however establish themselves as open objects to interact with: games of sense to create a different context for the experience of learning, alluding to fragmentation and contradiction as an ontological possibility in our lives.

Delito del Cuerpo tries to surpass these parcial relations among art, science, technology and daily life in order to obtain an state where we participate in a procedure artistic and scientific at the same time and where the methafor where both model coincide is built on the actual physical process of these fields as knowledge.

This project has been curated by Dannys Montes de Oca Moreda based on the work that Omar and Carlos Estrada have been doing in collaboration with scientists and researchers as Elaine Santana (Geneticist) and Edmundo Rivero (Neurologist).